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se●ason could be○ up around 50 to ●80 percent, c■ompared with ●the same period last■ year. The overa●ll price of those 〓pr

oducts is do●wn nearly ■a quarter co●mpared with a ye●ar ago."Indust●ry insider●s say

around 35 to
01. ■ 40

special 〓offers are oft■en promoted ahea○d of festiva

ls a●nd holidays. Pre■-holiday sales can h○elp push annu■al sales fi

liance rep
02. Since t

gu◆res up, by more than● 10 percent. X

u◆ Lei, Staff, ww●, s◆aid, "Our var◆ious promo◆tions

rcent○. "
03. 〓 also

boos●ted our Ja●nuary sales● by 30

percent 〓compared with Decemb○er last year. Th●e number was■ more than

餴d, "The
04. me app

do●ubled compared with〓 January

2009."The ○booming home applia■nce market has a●lso boosted bus●iness for on-line ●elect

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lac○ement scheme,◆ people could actual〓ly save around 45 to● 50 pe

ronic s●tores. On-line stor■es can reduc■e various distributi〓on and inv◆entory costs. That'○s how e-shops offer〓 more attra◆ctive prices, tha●n traditional ou◆tlets. Fast delive〓ry time and produ〓c

t rating sys●tems have also made ◆internet s◆hopping more conveni●ent for som●e consumer group●s. Xu Lei, said,○ "Consumer●s can visit our stor〓es anytime of the da○y. We also ◆put all customer rat●ings and produc○t views online, no m●att

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er if they are 〓good or bad."Lu R◆enbo, Vice Chairm■an, China Electronic〓 Chamber of Co■mmerce, said, "Th〓e key compet●itive advantag◆e of an onl●ine s

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